Blackjack Strategies

Many casino games give the impression that you can also use strategies or game aids for successful gambling there, but this is by no means the case! If you think you can use “surefire systems” successfully at online slots or at roulette, then you’re literally on the wrong track – these games are pure gambling, but in blackjack, game skills and strategies lead to success, and not just that Assistance of the goddess Fortuna. The average house advantage of blackjack is just a lousy 0.5% and this can be pressed down even further with additional help such as blackjack strategy tables and decision-making aids.

Learning a basic blackjack strategy is as easy as the game play and blackjack rules. With the help of a decision or strategy table, this is basically a breeze. There you get different game situations, ie the card values ​​of the player and the value of the revealed card of the dealer presented in an overview and with a corresponding game decision to do so. Of course this does not mean that you always win, otherwise an online Casino would certainly take blackjack out of the assortment, but … in many cases you make the right decision and win the current game against the house.

Let’s say you get the first two of your cards are a 3 and a 6. On the strategy table, you are advised to request another card, no matter what the dealer card shows. If your first two cards have a total value of 10, the table recommends double-down, EXCEPT if the dealer’s card is a 10 or an ace. If the latter is the case, then definitely request another card (hit). There are, depending on the blackjack variant and with how many 52-Spielkartenstapel these are played, a large selection of such basic strategy tables and decision aids on the Internet, and completely free!

Important tips for a blackjack game

Always split up on a pair of Aces or 8’s, but NEVER if you have a pair of face cards or 10’s. Always be aware of when you need to hold (stand) or another card (hit = should always request another card until you have a card hand value of 17 or higher), you should also get another card on a soft 18 (eg an 8 and an Ace where the card’s hand value can count as 9 or even 18) if the dealer has a 10. Note the card values, and if the dealer has a 7 or higher then you will play up to your own card hand value 17 or higher Dealer Cards 4, 5 or 6 Double at a 9 and play soft card hands from 13 to 17. Double at a 10 against the dealer’s 9 or lower and at each hand you win 11 have.

888 Casino

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