Blackjack is pure gambling

Well, the fortune goddess Fortuna needs help with every game, not just online casino games, but … as you already know, you can turn the game in your favor by combining your game skills with decision aids such as strategy tables or even the art of Card counting mastered!

You have to be a mathematical genius to successfully play blackjack

This myth is still very persistent, probably thanks to the Hollywood movie “21” where a group of MIT students and professors exclude one casino after another with the help of card counting and mathematical models. Of course, that’s true, but that does not mean that non-mathematically talented blackjack players can not win. As a player you do not need to be a math genius and the tables have been calculated as well as already and you can download them without even worrying about it.

Blackjack games with 4 to 6 playing card stacks are too hard to win

In a blackjack game or a variant with four stacks of cards, that’s 208, with six stacks of cards, it’s just 312 cards … well, what’s the difference? Again, there are tables and the dealer has in the end, if you do it skillfully, exactly the same good and bad chances of winning. That you can never win in such variants with 4 to 6 playing card stacks is simply pure nonsense.

Always assume that the dealer has a blind 10

Another common misconception that holds itself like a burdock on the hem of a dress. Why one should assume the dealer always has a blind 10, well … risk is not everyone. Anyone who thinks the dealer has a face-down 5 in a face-down 10, so a total of 15, who will probably always make the same game decision and thus rejects his chance to beat the dealer. 30% of the cards in blackjack have a value of 30%, 70% not. So why, assuming a 7: 3 chance, assume that it must be a 10-card?