A short introduction and history of blackjack

Blackjack was created in France in the 18th century and the name was Vinget-et-un, which means nothing other than 20 and 1. Since this game could prove to be very popular emerged shortly after the introduction of a number of interesting variants and versions, the Nowadays you can even play at the top online casinos, eg 888. The name blackjack is due to the fact that you get a special payout in later variants of a Pik Jack (the jack is called Jack in English).

Why is blackjack so popular?

Blackjack, 17 & 4, 21, Pontoon and Spanish Blackjack are popular all over the world, not just in smoky back rooms of a dive bar, casino or casino, but thanks to virtual casinos online, with or without real money, it does just a lot of fun. Even though poker has outperformed blackjack in a certain sense and in terms of its thing, blackjack is just as fun and even prizes.

What is the special feature of the online blackjack game?

One of many reasons why blackjack is so much fun online is the simple fact that it is not just a game of chance, but in many cases it can be a winner with the help of its game skills and the use of basic strategies to win the virtual blackjack table , Furthermore, thanks to the generous bonus and promotional offers of a good online casino, you can build up a rich bankroll right after signing up and play freeroll tournaments (there is no starting fee due!) Against other players for the best seats and, in turn, for great prizes ,

Game rules of blackjack

The goal of blackjack is to hold a card hand worth close to or exactly 21 without overblowing and beating the dealer. You play in most variants in the online casino only against the house; other variants allow several players where there is the existing price pot at the end of a number of games played to the player who has played the best and most successful. The card values ​​for blackjack are as follows – Cards 2 to 10, of whatever color, have the printed value. Face cards such as jack, queen and king each have a value of 10, the ace, depending on the current card hand, a value of 1 or 11. At the beginning of a game, the ante, the stake is placed and dealer and player get two cards distributed; a card of the dealer remains hidden. You hit the appropriate game decision like Hit, Stand, Double-Down, Split, etc. and at the end of the game the winner gets the total stake of player / dealer placed on the virtual table as a prize. Simple, is not it?