Using the Bust Percentages of Blackjack Live Dealers

Playing blackjack online has recently become more interesting with the introduction of live dealers. Using webcam technology, players are able to face down real dealers and improve their blackjack games. By learning the bust percentages of blackjack live dealers, players can reduce the house's edge and win more money more often.

The Basics of Bust Percentages

Bust percentages tell players approximately how often a particular live dealer goes bust. If the bust percentage is 30%, then almost one out of every three deals, the dealer will bust and the player will win. This is especially important with regards to live blackjack dealers because as people they make certain decisions. If a live dealer has an especially high bust percentage, the player stands a greater chance of winning, as the dealer will hit when he or she should probably stand.

Using Bust Percentages

In regular blackjack, the house's edge is not particularly high, but with live blackjack dealers, that edge can be cut in half if players know what they're doing. By choosing to play with live dealers who have particularly high bust percentages, players can stand with lower card totals, than they might have to otherwise. If the dealer has a tendency to bust, players can feel more confident standing with totals under 19. However, players should still be smart about how they play and try to get as close to 21 in every hand as possible.

Knowing how the dealer is going to behave gives players a big leg up in live casino blackjack. By using the bust percentages of blackjack live dealers, players can play more conservatively and get the results of a much more aggressive player.