Tips for Playing Elimination Blackjack

While a typical game of blackjack pits the player against only the house, elimination blackjack pits the player against multiple other players as well as the house. This is a great option for anyone with a competitive nature and a true desire to succeed.

Chips and Winning

Before discussing the tips for gameplay, players should first understand how their opponents will be eliminated. This resembles a blackjack tournament and every player is assigned the same number of chips in the beginning of the game. As players go bankrupt, they are eliminated from the game. Also, players who have the lowest bankroll at the end of pre-determined rounds may be eliminated. The player with the most money at the end of the set number of hands wins the game.

Tips for Playing

• In blackjack elimination, there are typically 30 rounds and automatic eliminations occur after the 8th, 16th and 25th round in most cases. The players with the fewest chips are eliminated here; those who go bankrupt are eliminated when their chips run out, instead.
• Most blackjack tournaments are played with a six-card shoe.
• Only seven players can oppose any one dealer, though multi-table tournaments are one way of allowing more people to compete.
• The house is usually required to stand on a hard 17 and above or hit on a soft 17 or below.
• Players can split pairs up to four times unless that pair consists of Aces.
• Only two cards can be in play when doubling down.
• As a general rule, insurance bets are legal.
• Surrender rules are not always legal; it is up to the player to make this determination before gameplay begins.

Players who really want a chance to show off their blackjack skills and prove that they can outshine the competition are encouraged to take part in elimination blackjack. Win or lose, it is an experience that players will likely not forget.