Hole Card Rules in American Blackjack

When playing blackjack online, players should be careful to determine whether the online casino is operating by European or American rules. There are different rules governing what the dealer does with the hole cards, and the differences could affect the entire tenor of the game. By comparison, the hole card rules in American blackjack could allow players to make more educated decisions and win more money.

Initial Dealing

In American blackjack, the rules on the hole card state that the dealer must deal two cards to the player and to himself. One of those hole cards will be facedown and the other face up. In European blackjack, the player plays out his or her cards before the dealer ever gets his cards, giving players a slight disadvantage. For instance, if the dealer receives a face card or an Ace as his face up card, then the player knows it is possible the dealer could get a natural blackjack. This can encourage a player to hit when he or she would otherwise have stood on a high hand.

What a Player Should Do

Players can use the information about the dealer's hole card in a few ways. As noted, any indication that the dealer may have a natural blackjack should encourage the player to bet and play aggressively. If the dealer doesn't have a natural blackjack, he or she will have to hit to beat the player's hand, and this could cause the dealer to bust. If the dealer is showing much lower cards, the player can rest easier.

By playing the American hole card rules in blackjack, players can get a little boost in the information in the game, allowing them to make better decisions and win.