Live Casinos Innovations

A company called Microgaming introduced one of the first online casinos in the early 1990s. This casino offered live casino games such as blackjack, video poker, and slots to any who could legally access its servers. Today, the online casino has progressed far beyond its humble origins, but the history of live casinos online is remarkable.

Early Internet Casinos

The earliest internet casinos offered only a few basic games. Video poker and slots games were among the first innovations because they required little input from the players, used very little in the way of complex software and had relatively simple pay structures for wins. In just a few short years, more complex games like blackjack and keno were introduced, followed by craps and roulette. Following soon after, player on player games like Texas Hold' Em Poker were introduced, allowing for more complex interactions between individuals.

Live Casinos

Today we have casinos that go beyond the limited interactions of early online casinos. Now, instead of games that only allowed a player to interact with a dressed up random number generator, players are able to communciate with real live dealers, socialize with other players, and even interact in limited ways with physical media such as cards and dice. These developments have gone a long way toward recreating a true casino experience for players who never even have to leave their homes.

Today's live casinos have been developed in only a matter of years. Who knows how quickly online casinos will develop the next great thing.