Better Results with Live Dealer Blackjack

Because blackjack is a game of strategy and one that requires players to maintain a thought process, many players avoid online venues due to the random number generators and automatic shufflers. However, live dealers in online blackjack rooms are becoming ever popular among avid gamers.


Players who enjoy blackjack will be the first to admit that their typical blackjack strategies simply do not work in most online blackjack games. There is generally very little indication of the cards left in the deck due to the use of random number generators and automatic shufflers that reintroduce cards into the shoe each hand instead of throwing out a stack and starting anew. However, live dealer blackjack games bring back the realism.


Another thing that concerns blackjack aficionados about the software used to randomly generate cards in online games is the fairness of the software itself. There have been numerous companies who have been fined or shut down altogether after they were found to be tampering with the programs to improve the house edge. Unfortunately, the actions of a few led to the scorn of many. With live dealers, on the other hand, this is not of concern. Players can watch as the cards are dealt from a real, live deck.

Dealer Tells

Though dealers are specifically trained to keep a straight face regardless of the cards they are dealt, some dealers will still display certain facial or body language that observant players can read. For instance, some dealers will only glance at their cards when they are holding a great hand, but they may linger over them a bit longer if the hand is low. Things like this can make blackjack more realistic for die-hard players.

Live dealer blackjack seeks to bring all of the strategy and fairness of playing in a land-based casino to the internet. In this manner, casinos that offer live dealers have increased their memberships significantly.